Smile Gallery

Please take a moment to look through our smile makeover gallery to see some of Dr. Krishnaiah's actual patients' "before-and-after" photos for examples of our cosmetic dental work.

Don: Ten porcelain veneers & lower teeth whitening

Don presented to our office with teeth that were stained, cracked, old broken down resin composites with decay around them. We decided to preserve the integrity of his teeth and place some conservative, strong, life-like, porcelain veneers on his top front 10 teeth. The end result was remarkable.

Gloria: Ten porcelain veneers & lower teeth whitening

Gloria was ready to make a big change in her smile. She was afraid to smile prior to her dental makeover. She had discolored, worn, asymmetric teeth and asymmetric gum line. We used a laser to fix her gum line and make it more symmetric. We placed 10 porcelain veneers on her top teeth and whitened her lower teeth– giving her the fullness of her smile back. Gloria could not stop smiling.

Bruce: Pre and Post Full Mouth Reconstruction

Bruce presented to our office primarily because was unhappy with his smile. He was aware of the severe wear and attrition going on for many years now. His complaints were his short teeth and gummy smile. His teeth were breaking in the back and front requiring constant repair dentistry. Bruce had a dysfunctional bite. With the principles of aesthetics and function, we were able to re-restore Bruce’s bite from previous years of destruction. Bruce had a surgical gum lift to display less gums in his smile and more tooth structure. We placed all porcelain restorations on most teeth regaining his lost enamel. The results were fabulous.

Deborah: Eight porcelain veneers & teeth whitening

Deborah had wanted to have a smile makeover for a very long time. She had teeth that were discolored and abraded on the front surface. Her natural teeth were rough on the surface probably due to some sort of attrition/abrasion. As a result, she was afraid to smile. We were able to present to her a payment that worked with her needs and as a result she got her smile back. We did 8 porcelain veneers on top and she whitened her lower teeth. Deborah has never been so happy with her smile.

Smith: Resin bonding

Services: Resin bonding before after Smith’s front tooth chipped and fractured the entire corner. He came in as an emergency and after taking impressions of his tooth, we did some lab work to rebuild what had been once there. Then we carefully mimicked the natural anatomy and color of his tooth and the tooth adjacent to it in order to make a lifelike replica using epoxy resin as our medium. The results were amazing.

Samantha: Invisalign to correct overlapped anterior teeth

Samantha presented to us wanting to use invisalign to fix her upper teeth. The treatment took only 9 months to correct and she walked away very happy with the results.

Caricia: Pre and Post Invisalign

Caricia’s Invisalign case was a challenging and lengthy case. In the end we were able to straighten all overlapped teeth and correct all of the crowding, changing her facial profile and smile in an extreme fashion. An absolute success.

Greg: Pre and Post Invisalign, Implant placement & Resin bonding

Greg had been a patient of record in our office for several years when we decided to embark on his long term Invisalign/implant treatment. He had a congenitally missing upper lateral tooth. We needed to create space in this area so he could have an implant placed and restored. Using invisalign we were able to do precisely that. After finishing invisalign, we were able to surgically place an implant and then restore it with an all porcelain crown. Additionally we used resin to add to the edges of Greg’s chipped and worn teeth to achieve a seamless border. Patient’s expectations were superceded.

Miriam: Four porcelain veneers

Miriam had been in a car accident many years ago and as a result had the two front teeth fractured. Over the years, these teeth had been repaired by bonding. The bonding had discolored and now the teeth looked as if there was decay in and around them. Miriam sought the best possible solution for her front teeth and it was very important to her that her teeth continue to appear natural looking. We decided in order to address the discoloration and the improper axial inclination of her lateral tooth that we would do four porcelain veneers on her top teeth. The results were natural, beautiful, and again life-like.

Heba: Ten porcelain veneers, teeth whitening & laser gum lift

Heba was tired of her asymmetric two front teeth with old bonding in the middle of the teeth that did not blend to her normal tooth color. She also did not like the fact that one of her premolars was tucked into her smile so that it could not be seen. After treatment, we were able to protrude this premolar out and remove the resin bonding with porcelain veneers.

Daniel: One crown and one porcelain veneer

Asymmetric and mismatched natural tooth with a crown led us to do one porcelain veneer on the natural tooth and redo the existing crown so that both could match.


Lillie presented with multiple colors in her smile zone with dark spaces in between the teeth at the gum interface. Also, there as an open contact creating a food trap that needed to be closed. Our final treatment plan called for multiple veneers and a bridge after teeth whitening. We were able to close all spaces and gaps while providing a uniform look in terms of color, character, and natural healthy life-like restorations.


Dan presented to our office with a loose veneer. Once removal of the porcelain veneer was done, the tooth itself was fractured beyond repair, resulting in the front tooth needing to be extracted. In replacement, one implant was the treatment plan. The adjacent tooth was already discolored, the patient decided to do multiple veneers along with the implant to brighten his smile.


Joni presented to our office wanting to redo her existing resin bonded front tooth which was traumatized as a child. She has had this front tooth redone multiple times. At this point, she wants the restoration to match her natural front tooth. Her natural front tooth has a lot of white fluorosis staining on it. We were able to replicate the color, her natural tooth onto the adjacent traumatized fractured tooth. The results were so impeccable that when comparing the two, it is difficult to distinguish between the two


Roger was unhappy with the dark metal margin at the gum line of his front tooth. In addition there was spaces between his teeth where he was getting food trapped. His laterals were a bit small compared to his central incisors. He wanted to brighten his smile and make the front teeth more proportionate all the while remove the metal dark stain at the gum line. After treatment was rendered, we achieved all the above.