A Smile Makeover in San Francisco Can Eliminate Your Dental Imperfections


We can provide a smile makeover in San Francisco to correct any aesthetic problems you have with your teeth. If you have been afraid to smile because you do not like how your teeth look, it is time to visit our dental office. If your self-confidence is low, it is time to give us a call, and if your teeth have been damaged, we want to hear from you. Regardless of what the problems are with your smile or what you do not like, we have solutions that can transform your teeth and your appearance. Since we offer such a wide range of options, we encourage you to schedule a consultation for a dental examination. At the consultation, we can identify what issues you have, discuss the goals for your smile, and create a plan to help address them.

How a Smile Makeover Can Help You

As a cosmetic dentist, we can complete a smile makeover that includes closing gaps in between your teeth, changing their shape and size, straightening and whitening them, shaping your gums, and more. There are few, if any, issues with your smile that we cannot address. This makes it possible to not only fix a damaged tooth or remove stains but to correct everything you do not like about your smile. Many of our patients even use cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to braces. If you have several crooked teeth, for example, we can make them appear straight using solutions like dental veneers, dental crowns, or dental bonding. While the actual tooth structure is not straightened, it will look like it is, because of the solution we apply to the surface of the tooth. As part of your smile makeover, we can even replace teeth that are lost. If you have been living with tooth loss or wearing a denture, we can replace the missing tooth or teeth using dental implants for a permanent restoration that looks and functions like a natural tooth. This will make it possible for you to love your smile and eat all of your favorite foods again.

The Process of Getting a Smile Makeover

There is no set plan when it comes to completing a smile makeover. Every patient has a unique set of problems and needs. When you visit our dental office, we will conduct a physical examination and take x-rays to determine the current condition of your teeth and gums, along with their placement. We will then discuss the areas where you want to see improvement. The first step we will take is to address any health concerns. For example, if you have any cavities, we will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and place dental fillings prior to doing anything else. Next, we will fix your teeth in order of the things you do not like. Many of our patients start with a teeth whitening procedure because it makes a fast and dramatic impact, before moving onto longer procedures, like placing dental implants. To have a plan customized for your needs, call and schedule an examination.


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