Same Day Crowns Are As Durable As Traditional Ones

Same Day CrownsPeople often ask if same day crowns are as strong and as durable as the crowns made over the course of several days. This stems from an understanding, which most people share, that something one makes quickly may not be as strong as something that takes more time. As a CEREC® dentist, we know that the process of making same day dental crowns using CEREC® is similar to the process that is used in a laboratory.

However, the materials are the same, the cost is lower, and the timing is significantly shorter. All of these benefits are possible since we are using an upgraded technology to ensure that we can get you the restoration you require in one visit to our office.

From your perspective, the most important thing is that you get a restoration that is strong, durable, looks like the teeth around it and can perform all of the same functions as your other teeth.


This is exactly what you get when you visit a same day dentist for dental crowns.

How Same Day Crowns Are Made

The easiest way to dispel the idea of CEREC® being a lesser product is to understand what it is and how the process works.  You need to know how we can provide you with dental crowns within a few hours, versus having to wait for several days or even weeks. It is best to think of CEREC® as an acronym which stands for – Chairside, Economical, Restoration, of Esthetic, Ceramic.

Essentially what we, as your CEREC® dentist, are providing you with is a solution that can strengthen teeth, restore damage, replace defective amalgam fillings, and place dental crowns within a single sitting. The flexibility to do the procedure in one visit is why it is called a “chairside” restoration. The process is also economical because we are able to save on expensive laboratory costs by milling the new crowns in our clinic.

The Materials Used to Make Same Day Crowns

One key to making CEREC® crowns as durable as lab-based solutions involve the use of ceramic. Both of the techniques use ceramic to create your new set of teeth or devices. When you have us create same day crowns, we use digital imaging software to take a perfect 3D image of your tooth and the teeth surrounding it. We then feed the image into a computer simulator that proposes the necessary type of crown.

As a CEREC® dentist, we can then tweak the design, including making changes to the shape, size, and nuances specific to your teeth. Next, a mouse click sends the design to the 3D printer. We will then select the exact shade of ceramic to match your existing teeth and place it into the milling machine. The milling machine goes to work on shaping, carving and “printing” an exact match of the tooth designed by us, as your same day dentist, and the software.

The ceramic is as hard as your natural enamel, looks exactly like the teeth surrounding it, is extremely durable, and fundamentally gives you a replacement tooth that will stand the test of time. If you would like to learn more about same day crowns or experience the benefits of CEREC® for yourself, call and schedule an appointment with Aesthetic Dentistry of Noe Valley at (415) 493-9143.

You can also request a same day crown dental consultation on our website here:

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