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    Dear Valued Patient,

    I would like to welcome you to our office and to better acquaint you with what we do that separates us from other practitioners in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

    Cosmetic dentistry comes in many forms. There is teeth whitening, resin bonding, and porcelain veneers. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which procedure would be best suited to your particular interests and needs. My office provides all options equally to our patients when deemed appropriate. Cosmetic dentistry lies at the intersection of art and science. I love that I am able to use my skills as a practitioner to incorporate the scientific principles which is the foundation of good dental work as well as to be able to use the artistic/creative elements to achieve aesthetic demands.

    I custom design each treatment plan after hearing what your goals are for your smile. Many times, combination treatment is involved. There is not a one size fits all cosmetic model. There are so many decisions to be made and we are here to make them together. It can be a daunting task knowing what to have done and how it will happen especially with all the mass marketing and hype around us. We are here to sift through that information and break it down to help you make an informed decision.

    I also take the approach that function and form go hand in hand. I want to make sure that not only is your cosmetic dentistry absolutely beautiful but it functions as optimally as possible. As a result, I analyze your bite through a process called Bite Balancing and make sure that your teeth come together more favorably. This is a critical step in cosmetic treatment. It forms the foundation for long lasting dental work as well as keeping the natural dentition intact, minimizing breakage and wear. To that end, we use the gold standard in materials, techniques, and lab ceramists that the industry has to offer. When using the best materials in the hands of the best ceramists, we are able to not only deliver beautiful restorations, but we can also do it conservatively.

    I am grateful to be in a profession that I love and one that puts smiles on faces. A smile can make a difference in people’s lives. Exceptional results are paramount in our practice. I look forward to meeting you at your next visit.

    Dr. Nisha Krishnaiah

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