Additional Testimonials

Additional Testimonials


On this page, you can read some of the reviews our patients have left in the past. We thrive on feedback from our patients, and encourage you to share your experience with us, at any stage in your treatment. If you have the time to leave us a review, please click on the Review us on Google button below. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate us! 

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Services: Four porcelain veneers

“I came into Dr. Krishnaiah’s office feeling very self-conscious about my smile, especially where my two front teeth were concerned. They were darkening and chipped from an accident a few years back, and I neglected to take care of them for way too long. Dr. Krishnaiah recommended dental veneers to restore my smile. I was initially frightened and somewhat reluctant to go through with the procedure, for fear of ending up with a generic and unauthentic looking smile. Dr. Krishnaiah, however totally annihilated my fears. She really put me at ease with her extensive knowledge on the procedure and by explaining it to me in a thorough and comprehensive manner. She also kept me well informed as to what my other options were and reviewed the advantages and drawbacks of each one. As such, I felt 100% involved in my treatment process and put myself in her care with the utmost confidence that I would have beautiful results. I wasn’t wrong. I am absolutely thrilled and pleased with my new smile. I had dental veneers placed in my front top teeth. Most importantly, my teeth look like my own – right down to the way light refracts off of them in the sunlight. It is therefore with the utmost confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Krishnaiah to anyone considering this treatment. My expectations were not only met, they were superceded.“

-- Miriam (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: One all porcelain bridge, Eight porcelain veneers, Teeth whitening

“I was looking for a dentist that would really assess the situation very quickly and make some suggestions that were doable, and come up with solutions for what I wanted and how I wanted my teeth to look.” “Nisha was able to really comfort me by letting me know that veneers are very strong and thin and that she worked with one of the best ceramists in the country and then she showed me a sample of what they looked like and once she said, they are going to be beautiful and not to worry, I really believed her.”

“I recommend Nisha because she’s using the latest technology, she’s very knowledgable, and she really is very assertive about getting the work done and wants to deliver high quality and I think that’s what I got. I got a really great product and I’m happy with it.”

-- Lillie (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Implant, Veneers and Bite Correction

"I had a bite correction, implant, and veneers. Dr. Krishnaiah and her staff went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. I would absolutely recommend Aesthetic Dentistry of Noe Valley to others --- and I have repeatedly! So happy --- my smile looks better than ever."

-- Daniel (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Bonded Veneers and Invisalign

"Having gone through getting braces as a teenager (and my teeth moved), I can say confidently that my experience with Dr. Krishnaiah was much less painful and very successful. The team did an amazing job brightening my smile but nothing too unnatural, which is what I wanted. Dr. Krishnaiah did truly amazing, and really very artistic work on my front tooth that had been previously bonded. Her work is so great that no one would over expect that one of my front teeth isn't "real". So happy to have a beautiful smile to show off."

-- Joni (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Veneers and Invisalign

"I've had a fake right front tooth for almost 30 years that was slightly larger than the rest of my teeth. After seeing Dr. Krishnaiah for a few years, I asked about replacing my crown and making it look uniform with my front teeth. Dr. Krishnaiah and her team fixed it and my smile looks so natural again. I couldn't be more happy with the results."

-- Roger (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Ten porcelain veneers, Lower teeth whitening

“We elected to do veneers on my top teeth. Dr. Krishnaiah explained to me step by step how it will go and it went exactly that way. It was one of the easiest procedures I’ve been through. It completely changed my confidence about smiling – I love it. It feels like a full straight smile. I am completely satisfied.”

-- Heba (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Eight porcelain veneers, Teeth whitening

“I have, unfortunately, a lifetime of experiences with dentists that I can test to, whether good, bad, indifferent and rarely superior. Dr. Nisha Krishnaiah definitely qualifies as the latter.

I had long wanted to invest in veneers for my worn out and no longer dazzling smile. After much investigation elsewhere I thought the price prohibitive and unreasonable, but when I found Dr. Nisha had a price that could not be matched plus a very reasonable payment plan with no added interest I was on board, now not only are my teeth white they are straight and more uniform (gum line included) than ever before. To be able to smile and laugh without self consciousness is, well (almost) priceless. The added bonus was and is her gentle and understanding service. You never feel rushed or condescended to. I found she always put my pain management first. I could not recommend her and her office team any more highly. My veneers exceeded my expectations. I’m been considering this work for over 10 years. It has been life changing – staff and Dr. Krishnaiah are in tune with the patient needs and desires.”

-- Deborah (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Teeth whitening

“I whitened my teeth at Aesthetic Dentistry of Noe Valley. The procedure took about a couple of hours and the color lightened a few shades. The assistant was very careful and detailed with the applications of the whitening solution. The explained how to mitigate any sensitivity and made me some bleach trays as well. The entire procedure was explained at each step. I’m very happy with the results- I will be doing it again.”

-- Colleen (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Invisalign

“I had Invisalign treatment done, I was very self conscious about my teeth and I felt like Invisalign was the way to go. I felt that it would be more convenient and it was not as obvious as regular braces. I chose Dr. Krishnaiah because I went online to do research, she had a lot of positive reviews and her website looked very professional. I was very pleased with the staff and their help along the way. Each step of the way, Dr. Krishnaiah explained to me clearly and concisely what procedures needed to be done to get to the next step. I was very happy with the results of my procedure. Dr. Krishnaiah is very knowledgable and very skilled. I will definitely recommend to my friends. This has really helped my in my professional life, I’m not thinking about my teeth, I’m thinking about the presentation at hand. If I go on a date, I’m not thinking about my teeth, I’m thinking about them.”

-- Tanley (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Invisalign, Teeth whitening

“It is a really warm setting, staff is incredibly personable. First we whitened by teeth and now we are changing my bite with Invisalign. It has been great.”

-- Margot (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Resin Bonding

“Dr. Krishnaiah did resin bonding on my top teeth to fill in a few spaces I had between them. The bonding came out amazing -- it made my smile much fuller. She was able to add to the teeth without taking anything away. When I visited her previously for cleanings, she was very detailed-oriented, so I knew she'd give the same great care for my bonding. Even so, she still exceeded my expectations with the bonding by being very particular about getting it done just right. Looking back, it was an easy decision to go with Dr. Krishnaiah. The overall experience was great. She -- and her entire office -- all take their work very seriously, yet it honestly doesn’t even feel like you're going to the dentist. I would definitely recommend Dr. Krishnaiah and her wonderful staff."

-- Adam (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Invisalign

“I started invisalign with Dr. Nisha Krishnaiah. I chose her because she is a premiere provider. The whole process lasted about 1 year. I’m so happy that I did it – my teeth are now straight and they are much easier to clean. Dr. Krishnaiah walked me through the process- she explained that not only would I get a cosmetic benefit but that my bite would also improve. I wish I would have started sooner!”

-- John (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)



Services: Ten porcelain veneers, Lower teeth whitening

“Dr. Krishnaiah recently performed major dental work on me and I have been very satisfied with the work done. I was made to feel quite comfortable during the procedures even though some sessions were quite lengthy (veneers for ten teeth). Dr. Krishnaiah performed meticulously and with great competence. I highly recommend Dr. Krishnaiah to do veneers or any other dental work.”

-- Don (Actual Patient of Dr. Krishnaiah)

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