When Are Implant Supported Dentures Recommended?

Implant Supported Dentures San Francisco, CA

If you have multiple missing teeth, you need a method of restoring the teeth’s function and appearance. Getting Implant Supported Dentures might be the right way to fix those issues. That might work better for you than a traditional denture would. Keep reading to learn more about your options.

What is an implant supported denture?

The dentures work similar to traditional ones, but the teeth rest on the implants instead of the gums. That might prevent bone loss in the jawbone. The bone does need to be in good health to support the implants. The dentist might recommend four to six implants for each arch that requires teeth.

The number will vary, depending on the patient. For instance, the dentist might not want to place the posts in specific areas in the mouth. There might not be enough bone to support the impact of the teeth in some places. Or other sites might be too close to the sinus cavity or a nerve. That is why a consultation before the procedure is so critical.

The advantages of implant supported dentures

The implants are replacements for the roots of the natural teeth. That helps the surrounding bone last longer. If a patient had traditional dentures, the bone could deteriorate. Eventually, that can cause the face to look sunken or cause unevenness in the smile. The dentures also look like natural teeth. Many patients also enjoy how comfortable the teeth are since they do not move in the mouth.

Who is not a candidate?

Those who grind or clench the teeth might not be the right candidates. That places significant pressure on the implants, and it could cause them to loosen. The denture disperses the pressure evenly but grinding or clenching is not even pressure. Those who do not have enough bone tissue might not be candidates either. However, these people might be able to get bone grafting procedures, so they can become candidates.

Caring for the restoration

Patients who have gotten implant supported dentures will need to clean them correctly. That will help the implants last longer. It is critical to brush the dentures at least twice each day and floss the teeth. The place between the teeth and gums has to get cleaned very well. The dentist might give the patient some small brushes or recommend different floss for the job.

Even if the patient has no remaining teeth left, it is still critical to have regular checkups. Most dentists recommended going at least every six months. However, the patient might need to go in sooner if there are issues with the denture. Preventing gum disease is critical to the success of false teeth.

Choose the right implant supported dentures today

If you are considering implant supported dentures, make an appointment with your dentist. That way, you can see if your dentist recommends them for you. Knowing more about what to expect with the teeth can help you decide. Making an appointment with your dentist today is your first step.

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