What Options Are Available From a Cosmetic Dentist for Tooth Loss

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Missing teeth can cause many problems, but a Cosmetic Dentist offers options to replace them. Depending on where the missing teeth are located, you have several different choices available. Implants, bridges and partial dentures are all options. Read on to learn about each of these.

Dental implant

For patients who have only one missing tooth, a dental implant can be a good choice. A cosmetic dentist will use a surgical procedure to place an implant in the jawbone. Once this fuses with the patient’s jawbone, the false tooth can be placed on it. An implant is most often used to replace a single tooth.

However, multiple teeth can be attached to the implant as well. This type of tooth-replacement option works well if a patient wants the look and the feel of natural teeth. Dental implants can also last for several years without having to be replaced or repaired. A cosmetic dentist can help a patient determine if a dental implant is the right choice.

Fixed bridge

A bridge is often fixed in place, so it is known as a fixed bridge. It can bridge the gap between one or more teeth. Getting a bridge from a cosmetic dentist often involves several trips. The dentist will need to place the implant and then customize the patient’s bridge.

The dentist will then need to place the bridge once it has been created. The good news, however, is that a bridge will look, function and feel like natural teeth. The patient also will not need to remove it for cleaning. Cleaning the bridge with the natural teeth will help to keep it clean.

Resin retained bridge

Patients who do not or cannot get an implant may want to consider a resin retained bridge. A fixed bridge is often used for teeth that the patient uses for chewing. However, missing front teeth can often be replaced with a resin retained bridge. Because the front teeth do not take as much pressure, the replacement does not need to be as sturdy. A cosmetic dentist can attach a resin attached bridge to the nearby teeth.

Removable partial denture

This tooth-replacement option consists of false teeth placed on an acrylic base. A removable partial denture is often used to replace a small area of missing teeth. It provides the patient with teeth that function and look like normal.

A removable partial denture can help a patient chew easier. However, these dentures may not be as sturdy as an implant or a bridge. The dentures can also cause discomfort for the patient. This happens if the patient wears the denture for an extended period.

Visit a cosmetic dentist today

If you have missing teeth, you have several options available to you. You might consider removable partial dentures, fixed bridges or implants. Resin retained bridges are another option. Visiting a cosmetic dentist can help you make the right decision about what type of option to choose.

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