Reasons Your Cosmetic Dentist Might Recommend Dental Crowns

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There are a handful of reasons that a cosmetic dentist might recommend dental crowns. Also called caps, these prosthetics cover the entire visible part of a tooth, restoring its appearance. Crowns are quite popular with cosmetic dentists, as they can be used to fix a variety of aesthetic issues like:

  • Severe stains that cannot be whitened with whitening treatments
  • Chipped and broken teeth
  • Deformed teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Small teeth

How dental crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry

Here is how a cosmetic dentist goes about addressing various dental issues using dental crowns:

1. Stains and discoloration

Stains and discoloration on teeth are one of the main reasons that people visit a cosmetic dentist. The first course of action against such stains is performing teeth whitening treatments, but there are certain types of stains that do not respond to whitening, like those caused by fluorosis, failed root canals and tooth decay.

When teeth whitening treatments fail to improve the appearance of a tooth or more, the dentist might recommend veneers or dental crowns. Veneers are likely to be recommended if the discoloration is mostly visible at the front of the tooth, while crowns are recommended when the tooth is discolored on both sides.

2. Chipped and broken teeth

Dental crowns can also be used to fix and restore the appearance of chipped or broken teeth. Composite bonding is the most economical way to fix chips and breaks, but the composite will eventually wear off in a couple of years.

Veneers can be used to hide more moderate chips and breaks, while dental crowns can be used for more severe cases. Dental crowns go past restoring the appearance of chipped and broken teeth, as they also protect teeth from further damage.

3. Deformed teeth

Composite resins can be used as a somewhat temporary solution for deformed teeth, but crowns provide the more natural and long-lasting solution. The dentist simply uses the crown to cover up the tooth, hiding all its deformities. All people see when the patient smiles is a dental crown that is indistinguishable from their real teeth.

4. Gaps between teeth

Composite bonding, veneers and dental crowns can all be used to close up gaps between teeth. Using composite resin provides an affordable but short-term solution. Veneers can be used to close up gaps between teeth, but it is not an optimal solution because there is nothing behind the part of the veneers that close the gap to support them.

Dental crowns typically provide the best solution for gaps between teeth. The patient gets oversized crowns that are fitted on the two teeth closest to the gap. It provides a long-term solution that can last over 25 years.

Get the crown you need

Dental crowns might be all you need to enhance the way your smile looks. It can be used to fix dental problems like stains and broken teeth when other alternatives have failed. Call or visit our San Francisco clinic to learn more about dental crowns.

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