Pros and Cons of CEREC® Crowns

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CEREC® crowns make it possible for you to get a crown during a single visit to a dentist. The conventional way of getting a crown takes about two weeks, it requires you to make at least two trips to a dentist's office and that might not work for your current situation. You might be looking to restore the appearance of a tooth because you have a big interview coming up or a big social event you have been looking forward to. Waiting two weeks to get a crown is often not an option for people in such situations.

The advantages and disadvantages of CEREC® crowns

The most obvious advantage of getting a CEREC® crown is not having to make two trips to the dentist and not having to wait two weeks for a dental lab to make the restoration. The benefits do not stop there, however. Here are some of the other pros of CEREC® crowns:

Immediately restore the function of damaged teeth

Teeth play an important role, grinding down food and allowing us to pronounce certain words. People who get traditional crowns have to wear a temporary crown for about two weeks and that requires them to be extra careful when talking or eating. With same-day crowns, patients get to go back to eating how they like when they leave the clinic. However, they should avoid chewy and sticky foods for the first few days after getting their crown while the dental cement sets.

They protect against injuries

A customized crown offers more protection than a temporary crown. Temporary crowns rarely fit as well as customized crowns. Having a loose crown can lead to soft tissues or the tooth being damaged. CEREC® reduces the risk of injury by fitting the patient with a crown that fits snugly.

They save money

Additional appointments and temporary crowns cost extra money. Cutting the time it takes to install a crown and removing the need for a temporary crown saves the patient money. Not having to take additional time off work for a second appointment also saves the patient money.

Improved comfort

Temporary crowns are typically made with composite resin and they do not fit as well as customized crowns. CEREC® crowns, on the other hand, are made from ceramics and are designed to fit precisely. Ceramic has a similar texture to real teeth so the restoration feels natural in the patient's mouth.

They help prevent tooth decay

Temporary crowns are more likely to come off since they are held with temporary dental cement, and that leaves the tooth vulnerable to tooth decay. CEREC® crowns are unlikely to come off so the tooth gets the protection it needs.

Some disadvantages of CEREC® crowns include:

  • CEREC® crowns are not as durable as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
  • Traditionally made crowns are better suited for teeth with fractures below the gumline
  • CEREC® cannot be used to make crowns from materials like gold

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