Oral Surgery After Car Accident

Posted on: January 23, 2020

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Thinking oral surgery is necessary to repair any dental-related injuries to your mouth? When you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing dental problems, your next step is making an appointment with a dental professional for a full evaluation. The injuries may be minimal or serious. If they are serious, you may need to undergo oral surgery in order to repair them.

Car accident injuries

Wondering if you are in need of oral surgery? While car accidents happen all the time, no one ever knows what kind of injuries they will receive after being involved in a car accident. While some of the more common types of injuries include whiplash, broken bones and knee trauma, oral injuries are also common. These injuries may be temporary or permanent and the only way you can understand the extent of your injuries is to see a dental professional.

Reasons for oral surgery

The list below includes some of the more common reasons that someone may need to undergo oral surgery after being involved in a car accident.

Damaged teeth

Anytime the teeth have been damaged in a car accident, it may be necessary to fix the damaged teeth using oral surgery. A few examples include repairing any major tooth damage to allow for proper functioning, reinserting and stabilizing a completely knocked out tooth and replacing any completely knocked out teeth with dental implants.

Soft tissue injuries

When someone experiences soft tissue injuries after being involved in a car accident, it means they will have lacerations in or around their mouth area, including their gums. When the gums are lacerated, it is necessary for a dental professional to suture the gums in order to repair them.

Bone injuries

A bone injury may require someone to undergo oral surgery in order to repair the bone. Jaw-related bone injuries tend to be a common type of car accident injury, making corrective jaw surgery often necessary for those who have experienced a bone injury. Common bone injuries include a fracture of the eye socket, nasal bone, cheekbone and jawbone. It does not matter whether or not the injury is minor or complex, any type of bone injury in the facial area needs to be corrected as soon as possible.


Yes, it is possible for someone to be diagnosed with temporomandibular disorder after being involved in a car accident. While jaw pain is one of the more common symptoms associated with TMD, other symptoms include difficulty opening the mouth when chewing food, hearing a popping sound when opening the mouth, experiencing ongoing earaches and/or headaches and actually having the jaw lock into position when opening it or closing it.

Are you in need of a dental appointment?

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