Oral Care Mistakes That Might Lead to a Trip to an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: March 16, 2020

emergency dentist San Francisco, CA

An emergency dentist can be an important resource if you are suffering from a serious oral health condition. Sometimes, dental problems come because of an accident or injury. You may not be able to avoid these. However, other visits to the dentist’s office for emergency care are due to your own errors.

The benefits of an emergency dentist

Some dental issues do not need emergency care. Matters such as minor or moderate tooth pain, a chipped tooth or cosmetic concerns can wait a few days or weeks. The patient may even wait until their next scheduled appointment. When pain and discomfort are extreme, an emergency dentist can see the patient the same day. This dentist has the knowledge and training to handle the most severe, complicated dental problems. The patient can even come in on the weekends, on holidays or late at night if necessary.

Not brushing enough

From the time a child gets their first tooth, regular brushing is vital. People of all ages should brush at least twice a day. Make sure to use a fluoride-based toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. For even more effective care, people should consider brushing after every meal. Failing to follow these habits can lead to plaque buildup, tartar and tooth decay. Without proper care, teeth can become badly damaged or even fall out.

Poor flossing habits

When an emergency dentist sees a patient who has significant oral health issues, the subject of flossing may come up. The dentist may ask how often the person flosses. Often, patients shamefully admit that they rarely, if ever, floss.

People of all ages should floss at least once a day. This two-minute exercise can remove bacteria from the gums and along the tooth line. It helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Some people may floss too much, which can destroy the gumline.

Not visiting the dentist

People who visit the dentist are much more likely to have strong, healthy teeth and gums. This will help people avoid trips to an emergency dentist. Children and adults should visit the dentist every six months. At these appointments, the patient will have a teeth-cleaning. The dentist will also examine the patient and can identify issues before they get worse. Failing to go to the dentist can lead to severe cavities, infections and tooth loss.

Eating the wrong things

Patients with dentures or dental implants must be cautious about what they put into their mouths. Eating hard foods such as nuts, candy or ice can break the implants or mouth appliance. This could send the person to the emergency dentist to repair the damage.

Do your part

An unfortunate incident could require you to pay a visit to the emergency dentist. Still, with conscientious care, you can keep your teeth looking nice and working properly. Brushing, flossing and keeping dental appointments will go a long way in maintaining your oral health. If you have let these issues slide, it is time to recommit today to change your habits.

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