The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Posted on: June 15, 2017

Laser DentistryWhen you visit our San Francisco dental office for laser dentistry, you are benefiting from the latest in dental technology that can make receiving dental care far more pleasant. As a general dentist, we know that as important as it is to receive regular care, many people avoid visiting the dentist because they have anxiety regarding how their teeth will feel and what the dental equipment will be like.

Unfortunately, as with many fears, not receiving dental care can actually create some of the issues you are trying to avoid. Cavities, for example, do not hurt when they are small, but only cause a toothache as the decay spreads. Preventative care, therefore, can decrease the likelihood of you ever needing to visit the dentist in pain. Fortunately, our modern dental tools make it easier for you to want to visit our office.

Lasers are replacing many standard tools dentists have been using for decades. Some dentists’ offices do not use lasers at all while others use them only for certain procedures. We are continuing to modernize and so encourage patients to visit our office to learn how we are currently using laser technology.

Types of dentistry lasers

There are two types of lasers: ones used for soft tissue like the gums and ones used for the teeth. As a provider of laser dentistry, we find them both to be useful, but the greatest advantage of lasers has been in how they can treat gum disease. Gums can become swollen, inflamed, irritated, and even begin to recede if plaque is allowed to build up underneath.

To stop the spread of the condition and return gums to good health, we need to remove the plaque and tartar. Traditionally, this is done using a metal dental tool to scrape the plaque away. This can be uncomfortable and cause the gums to swell and feel uncomfortable. Our procedure accomplishes the same thing without the irritation.

Fine laser energy is used to break up the plaque and tartar without ever physically touching the gums. This means the patient will feel better both during and after the procedure. It also means the overall healing process will be much faster since lasers can also be used to stop bleeding throughout the process.

When lasers are used in the place of a dental drill, it also decreases any potential discomfort. For example, we can remove tooth decay using a laser instead of a drill. The benefit of using a dental laser will help the patient not experience the heat, vibration, or pressure of a dental drill. These are a few factors that contribute to dental anxiety in the first place.

When we use lasers, we can eliminate the external sounds and noises that are stressful, while also performing procedures in a comfortable method. As a result, most of our patients do not even require anesthesia. To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, call and schedule an appointment.

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