Four Reasons Why You Should See Your Dentist to Treat Your Gum Disease

Gum Disease San Francisco, CA

If you develop symptoms of gum disease or are diagnosed with gum disease by your dentist, then it is strongly encouraged that you treat the concern as soon as possible. Otherwise, the issue can worsen and cause severe symptoms that are far more expensive and invasive to treat. 

Reasons to consider gum disease treatment

A common mistake many patients make is putting off gum disease treatment as they feel it is not an immediate concern or is not a big deal due to how common it is among so many patients. However, gum disease can lead to a range of concerns if left untreated for an extended amount of time. 

Gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth

The ultimate consequence of gum disease for many patients that prolong treatment or put it off altogether is the loss of teeth. This occurs because the supporting structures of teeth, which are the gums and the underlying jawbone, become damaged. This often occurs much more rapidly than many anticipate as well, leaving them with the need to spend more money than they otherwise would in order to replace the missing teeth. 

Symptoms of gum disease can be discomforting

Gum disease may not cause any noticeable concerns at first, but it can quickly progress into more severe symptoms that cause discomfort and put teeth in jeopardy. Specifically, discomfort may develop if the roots of the teeth become exposed due to deep gum pockets or gum recession. Gum disease may also increase the risk of oral infection as well, which can lead to toothache, swollen lymph nodes, and a fever. 

Gum disease can cause a cosmetic concern

All too many individuals with gum disease decide to put off gum disease treatment since it does not cause a cosmetic concern. However, this can quickly change once symptoms begin to worsen. For example, gum disease can cause discoloration of the gums and swollen gums, which can affect the appearance of your smile. In the progressive stages of gum disease, gum recession can occur as well. Of course, the loss of teeth can result if gum disease goes untreated for too long, which causes a significant cosmetic concern. 

Treating gum disease now can save you money long-term

A failure to treat gum disease could lead to the need for more expensive and invasive procedures in the future, such as pocket reduction surgery, a gum graft procedure, a bone graft procedure, and teeth replacement. Subsequently, it is often a better financial decision to treat gum disease in the early stages, even if it means paying for a procedure such as a deep dental cleaning initially. 

Are you interested in learning more about gum disease treatment?

If you are not happy with the current status of your oral health and want to learn more about how gum disease treatment can help prevent more serious concerns from developing, then contact our dental team today. We can answer any questions you may have and help restore the health, appearance, and functionality of your smile.

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