FAQs About Dental X-Rays

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Dental X-rays are a significant part of dentistry. You have probably gotten one during a past visit to the dentist. These diagnostic tests are used to evaluate what is going on underneath the surface of a person's teeth. They are one of the most accurate ways to diagnose a variety of oral issues, like gum disease and tooth decay.

Commonly asked questions about dental X-rays

Most patients have a clear idea why other routine dental procedures, like cleanings and checkups, are performed, but figuring out when they need X-rays can be more complicated. Here are commonly asked questions about dental X-rays:

1. Why is the procedure necessary?

X-rays are one of the numerous tools that dentists have in their arsenal. A visual examination can be used to diagnose many oral problems, but the dentist sometimes needs to know what is occurring under the gums and inside a tooth to provide better care for their patients.

When a dentist is unable to find an outer indication of a developing dental condition, like tiny cavities, X-rays can be used to create a clearer picture so proper treatment can be administered.

2. How often should a patient get an X-ray?

The actual number varies depending on various factors, like the patient's oral health and the dental clinic's policies. A person with good oral health might only need an X-ray once a year, while someone who is already dealing with a severe dental problem might need an X-ray twice a year to monitor their condition.

The dentist will make an assessment on when each patient is due for an X-ray, weighing the risks and benefits. If a dentist recommends an X-ray, the patient most likely needs one.

3. Why are there different types of dental X-rays?

Each type of X-ray comes with unique benefits. Some patients need multiple types of X-rays to create a clearer picture of what is going on in their mouth. Bite-wing X-rays are the most commonly used in dentistry. It requires the patient to bite down on a plastic wing that contains some film. It is a great way to evaluate what is going on inside bicuspids and molars. Such X-rays are effective at detecting cavities developing in these areas.

4. How dangerous is the radiation?

Many people who have to get X-rays worry about the effects the radiation might have on their overall health. Dentists protect their patients by covering up portions of their body with a lead apron. They also keep the number of times each patient has to get an X-ray to a minimum.

Oral X-rays make it easier to treat dental issues early

Thanks to tools like X-rays, dentists can diagnose dental problems in their early stages, way before there are any signs and symptoms. Every precaution possible is taken to minimize each patient's exposure to radiation.

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