Does Gum Disease Put the Entire Body at Risk?

Gum Disease San Francisco, CA

Gum disease can put your entire body at risk, not just your mouth. Oral health is not just about your gum, mouth, or tooth health. The mouth is one of your body’s entryways, so if your oral health is not well, there might be negative consequences. If the gums bleed or your teeth ache, you may have gum disease. Then the bacteria might enter your bloodstream, causing inflammation in your body. Keep reading to learn more about gum disease.


Gum disease could affect the patient’s brain, as well. If the gums are inflamed, there might be an infection, and the gums can release specific substances. The mouth’s bacteria might go to the bloodstream or the nerve channels. That might kill the brain cells, causing memory loss, resulting in Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Kidney disease

This disease is a serious issue that might affect the bones, kidneys, blood pressure, and heart. Gum disease is an infection that could result in kidney issues. The immune system is often weaker in those fighting gum disease. That means those patients are at higher risks of getting other infections, as well. Many times, those suffering from poor oral health often have kidney disease. That might be fatal if not caught early enough since it can cause heart issues.

Heart disease

Poor oral health might lead to the risk of heart disease, as well. Inflammation happens because of bacteria, and the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Then the arteries might have plaque, and that can harden. It is a severe condition that can cause blood flow issues or even block blood flow to the heart.

Then a heart attack might be more likely. Even if the heart is well, the arteries are narrowed because of the plaque. That could increase blood pressure, leading to hypertension. The patient would then be at a higher risk of strokes. Or the heart’s lining might be infected, which could be fatal.

Preventing health issues from gum disease

The right way to prevent issues in the body is to have the proper oral hygiene routine. Regular dental visits are equally essential. The patient should brush the teeth twice a day or more for two minutes each time. Rinsing the mouth after meals is also critical, and flossing should happen often.

It is essential to limit drinks or foods high in sugar. Instead, the patient should replace those with a well-balanced diet to help strengthen the entire body. Some dentists might recommend using supplements to boost dental health. Staying away from tobacco products such as cigarettes is critical too. If the teeth and gums are healthy, there will be no bleeding while brushing or flossing. The patient should not feel pain in the area either.

Visit a dentist to avoid gum disease today

Oral health can often indicate how healthy you are overall. It is critical to avoid the early stages of gum disease, including gingivitis. That way, you can prevent a more significant issue, such as heart disease or dementia. Regularly visiting your dentist is one of the most critical steps in the fight against gum disease. Consider making an appointment with them today to learn more.

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