Dental Concerns that May Disqualify You from Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants San Francisco, CA

To replace missing teeth, one should consider same day implants. This treatment can help put an end to the embarrassment you have been feeling. You will not have to worry about gaps in your mouth or having a hard time chewing. Of course, not every patient is a good candidate for this method. You should first have a consultation with a dentist to discuss what to expect and whether it makes sense to pursue this solution. Certain issues may prevent one from this type of dental implant.

The process of getting same day implants

Like traditional implants, the same-day option uses a titanium post and an artificial crown to replace a person’s missing teeth. The post acts as the tooth’s root and anchors it in place. The dentist inserts this screw-like device deep into the jawbone. The crown goes on top. It is natural-looking in size, color, and shape.

While traditional implants take several months to place, the same-day variety does not. In fact, the patient can have the implants in place right after the dentist extracts a tooth. The patient still needs to heal, and the post-to-bone fusing must still take place. But to stabilize the implant so that it does not move, the dentist will anchor it to a bridge. Going with this treatment takes away the person’s need to come into the office for two or three more visits.

Jaw issues

Some people are not suited to get same day implants. The dentist will determine this by taking X-rays and examining the patient. If the dentist sees that the person does not have good bone growth, implants may not work effectively. If the jaw is soft, weak, or thin, the implants will not provide enough support for the crown. However, in this situation, the dentist may decide to do a bone graft, which should be able to build up the jaw.

Poor oral hygiene

For some people, bad dental health habits are the causes of tooth loss. People of all ages should brush with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day. Daily flossing is also critical. If during a dental examination and checkup, the dentist sees that the patient has poor oral hygiene, same day implants might not be a good fit.

Gum problems

Teeth are not the only things that affect whether to get same day implants. The gums can also play a role. To get these implants, the patient should have healthy gums. Gum disease, especially the more severe periodontitis, can make it difficult for implants to work effectively. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even bone loss. These conditions could both impact the integrity and stability of the implants.

Get the right answers, get the right treatment

No one should have to go through life without teeth. If you are suffering from tooth loss, get help today. The dentist can discuss the pros of same day implants. You can also find out whether you have any issues that might complicate this approach. Make an appointment today so you can start the process.

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