CEREC® Ceramic Crown – Tooth-Colored To Match Natural Teeth

Cerec San Francisco, CA

When a tooth is severely damaged from an injury or decay, a dental crown can often be used to remedy the situation. CEREC® crowns are an increasingly popular option due to their convenience. In addition, many patients may choose a CEREC® crown because of its natural-looking results.

What sets a CEREC® ceramic crown apart?

Much like the traditional alternative, same-day crowns require the same type of tooth preparation. However, there are many benefits that CEREC® crowns offer to patients who want to fully restore a damaged smile in less time.

A natural appearance

When it comes to the materials used to make crowns, patients have numerous options. In the past, many have opted for the strength and durability of metal crowns, especially for molars and other teeth toward the back of the mouth. However, this option can be unsightly and does not create a natural-looking finished product. Others may choose a crown crafted from composite resin, which is tooth-colored but is not the most durable selection.

Ceramic is another alternative and is the material used to craft CEREC® crowns. It is often chosen for its sturdiness, tooth-colored appearance, and ability to reflect light in a way similar to natural teeth. The CEREC® machine, which is located inside the dentist's office, utilizes solid ceramic blocks instead of composite ceramic to help ensure that the finished product offers long-lasting results. When choosing CEREC®, patients can enjoy a fully functional smile that looks consistent and attractive.

Faster results

Another benefit of choosing same-day crowns is the shorter wait time. Traditional crowns require multiple appointments that may be several weeks apart. As a result, a patient can go for an extended period with a temporary crown that may not create a desirable appearance. Typically, traditional methods follow the same basic steps.

First, the damaged tooth is treated by removing any decayed tissue and adding any necessary reinforcement. Next, what remains is smoothed down and shaped to create space for the artificial tooth cap or crown. Impressions are taken to determine the right size and shape, and the results are sent to an off-site lab where the crown is milled. Once complete, the crown is shipped to the dentist's office for placement. The entire process usually takes a minimum of two weeks from start to finish.

With CEREC® crowns, patients can walk out of the office with a complete, permanent, tooth-colored crown after a single visit. The machine can mill a permanent ceramic product in approximately 60 to 90 minutes from start to finish. This helps eliminate the need for any extra wait time.


If a crown is needed to repair a damaged tooth, choosing the right tooth-colored material can provide natural-looking results that last for years. CEREC® crowns offer patients all the benefits of beautiful, durable porcelain crowns without the typical wait time. Talk with a dentist today to find out if this treatment option is right for you.

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