4 Dental Restoration Services Provided by a Family Dentist

Dental Restoration San Francisco, CA

Are you in need of a dental restorations? In the dental world, there are different alternatives for restoring teeth designed for anybody living with dental issues. Never again do people need to experience embarrassment about how their teeth look when they smile. No oral health issue is too severe that it cannot be handled by current dental restoration options. From broken teeth to a misalignment, there is currently an answer for any issue someone may have with their teeth.

4 Common dental restoration procedures

There are a few different choices for individuals that need dental restorations. The following is an overview of a couple of these options and how they can help address whatever dental problem a person may have.

1. Dental crowns

A dental crown is a kind of dental prosthetic that is utilized to restore a severely damaged tooth that has to be removed. A crown is used to reestablish the presence of the tooth. Crowns are commonly used after a root canal treatment, but they can also be utilized related to other dental procedures. Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, and are custom-created to have the most secure fit and natural-looking appearance.

2. Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a great choice that can be utilized to replace at least one missing tooth. A dental bridge is composed of two parts: The crown is put on the two healthy teeth nearest to where the missing tooth or teeth are, and after that, the artificial teeth are held up by the crowns. A dental bridge is one of the more commonly used prosthetics for replacing numerous missing teeth.

3. Dental implants

Dental implants are a great way for somebody to replace one missing tooth but can be used for multiple teeth. These are designed to replicate the appearance and function of a natural tooth's underlying foundations. That aspect of dental implants is especially critical because missing a tooth and its root will commonly prompt jawbone tissue decay without the root stimulating the jawbone. This outcome occurs when the jaw is not being sufficiently stimulated by the base of the tooth. However, an implant gives this stimulation and helps someone avoid the deterioration of their jawbone.

4. Teeth whitening

Having professional teeth whitening done by a dentist is one of the best things someone wanting whiter teeth can do. The whitening agents that are used by dentists can enhance the whiteness of the patient's teeth by up to eight shades after a single treatment. Because of the strength of the whitening gel that a dentist can use, the results are far more effective than any store-bought whitening treatment that would be done at home.

Have more questions about dental restoration?

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